The Tunnel Series

Computational Art

For this tunnel series, I aim to create a sense of depth with rendered lines and colors.

As a further exploration of the tunnel piece, I wanted to explore how it could translate in the 3 dimensional space. I thought the iteration in Cinema 4D is a nice translation of the original. Composited and finished in After Effects.



Raw static render straight out of Python via drawbot. A study in color, lines, and depth.

Selected Works

WordPress 5.0 launch videocreative direction, motion, animation

goodform. identitycreative direction, branding, design homepage redesigncreative direction, design

Nickelodeon Comic-Con Experiencecreative direction, experiential

Automattic x Tumblrmotion, design

The Tunnel Seriesmotion, computational art

The Rainbow Seriesmotion, computational art

The Spiral Seriesmotion, computational art

WordPress 15th Anniversarybranding, logo, design