ESPN NASCAR Sprint Cup Campaign

Design, Motion

For the 2012 and 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup seasons, ESPN needed ad campaign that will communicate the excitement and the evolving storyline of the races.

We developed these dynamic banner ads along with an admin system that lets the client change the copy and images as the season progresses.

Additionally, we concepted these mini-game concept that lets the user interact and compete in order to reinforce the campaign message of "Nothing Beats First Place." The ad has received a way-above-than-average interaction rate, which proved to be a statistical success for the client.

Team (RED Interactive Agency): 
Creative Director: Gabe Watkins
Copywriter: Jon Forster
Flash Animation: Ravuth Vann
Development: Greg Connell
Game Development: Case Prince
Producers: Zach Glass, Dave Jacobs

300x250 gaming unit | Video

ESPN Roadblock

Cheers and Jeers Concept

As social media is a huge part of NASCAR culture, we created a campaign to visualize the social chatter and how the drivers are fueled by them. It was a lot of fun creating the cheers and jeers icons in 3D and incorporating social activity in an enticing way.